Saturday, May 16, 2009


The new freckles are killing me. Seriously. Killing me.
(I know you guys can't so much see the freckles but they're sprouting up all over the bridge of her nose the tops of her cheeks. I swear they're so cute I want to eat them!)


Kelly said...

My daughter's freckles make me more happy than should be allowed. She didn't understand what the big deal was, so I told her they were Fairy Kisses.

Oh, and I found you on The Women's Colony and noticed that you are from Dayton as well. So, you know...Hi!

Katie said...

Hi there! :) I responded to your comment on my blog, but thought I would stop by here as well. I love your photographs! I have only begun to understand photography, if it could be called understanding it! Nice to "meet" you. :)