Friday, October 31, 2008


My camera has broken. I was innocently taking pictures on Pumpkin Carving night.

I climbed up on a chair to get a better angle and the camera slipped out of my hands. *sigh*

I tested it a few times and it worked! And then died completely. I'm heartbroken but will hopefully have a new camera by Christmas...February by the latest.

Until then I'll be posting old pictures I love and maybe even shots from people I love!

In happier news the pumpkin turned into a full fledged Jack 'o Lantern!


Ginny said...

A moment of silence for your camera.

Chris said...

oh no! of all people to have that happen to, you should be the last! I'd think you'd have enough, like photographic karma or something, built up for your camera to live through such a thing!

emilynye said...

isn't that so evil of cameras? over the summer I went canoeing and we tipped (my camera was in a plastic bag) so I rescued it and pressed the button... and it turned on!!! I was so so so excited... until I tried to take a picture. or look at previous pictures. or even turn it off.
it died, in my hands, a slow and painful death. with the lens still zoomed out.
I agree with chris though. couldn't have happened to someone less deserving of this tragedy.