Monday, September 29, 2008

Full of Love (and words!)

Today my babies turn 6. SIX! They're so old. So in tribute, here they are.

Michael, you are my first born. You and you alone led me into this messy, tangled web of motherhood. For a scant five minutes you were the very first blood relative of mine I ever laid eyes on. Never before has my heart so expanded.

You are a complete blur. You are wild and fast and crazy. You are constantly building, climbing, jumping. And always thinking. I can almost watch a thought move through your brain. You amaze me with your intelligence and insight. My mother calls you an old soul and I have to agree. You just seem to know things, things beyond your years.

I love you so much, my man. And just like "your baby song" says, I do say a little prayer for you. For you to be happy, healthy and to never, ever forget who loves you.

Michael, you are my heart.

My little Jelly, I am so insanely in love with you.

It's hard to put into words exactly what it is about you that I love. It's such a mix of this wonderful wit and humor and intelligence. And your timing - you have impeccable timing. Even your tantrums are beautifully timed.

I look at you and I see so much of me - the good and the bad. I love to see the good. You're so free and full of life. You strut down the street in these ridiculous outfits, shrugging off the opinions of anyone walking by. You know you're beautiful and that is enough. How I love and envy that! You are a gorgeous little person Ellie.

Every part of you is perfect and there is nothing I would change.

Ellie, you are my soul.

Separate you both are amazing. But together you are a force to be reckoned with. I hear whispers and giggles and I get nervous.

Your schemes and your games and your jokes are precious and scary, all at the same time. I'm convinced that sometime soon I'll be getting a call telling me you've overthrown the school administration and are instituting a mandatory 6 times a day snack period. I have no doubt you guys could do it.

The two of you fill my life with so much laughter and fun. I love you both with everything I am. To my heart and my soul I say happy birthday. May six be a magical and beautiful year. Just go easy on me ok? Your mommy's old...


Ginny said...

Happy Birthday Michael and Ellie!

That was beautiful Lisa, enjoy every minute of them..

Dharma said...

Happy birthday to all of you.
What a beautiful tribute to your children, Lisa. Made me cry.

Chris said...

Oh Lisa - that was so sweet! It made me tear up - can I blame that on some kind of premenstrual hormone issue? nope - probably not, it was just that sweet!

Michelle said...

Lisa, you write so beautifully!! Happy birthday Michael and Ellie!!