Wednesday, July 16, 2008


(My normally wordless rule is being broken today. Broken for bacon. Is there a better reason to break a rule then bacon? I mean seriously?

I've been away. Personal tragedy and all that business. But I'm back. I'm back with bacon. You're all very, very welcome.

And a very big shout out to my lovely knitting girls, who have helped keep me on this side of sane and given me much to be thankful for every Sunday and every random evening when I needed a beer. Thanks girls. Much love. And much bacon too.)


Ginny said...

I love bacon! Bacon is always worth coming out of hiding for.

Chris said...

Even as a vegetarian, I still think that's an awesome picture! and seriously, bacon is damn tasty, I'll never deny that!

GF Momma Barb said...

love your blog lisa...and the pics. I didn't know you closed your sad. Keep on taking pics do an aweseome job